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"Learning is primarily a social experience." – Blog reader Nikw211 commenting on our blog.

The platform through which this course is being delivered – Teachable – contains some useful tools to allow you to interact with other course participants. For example, as you progress through the course, you'll be encouraged to share your own thoughts and experiences related to the course content by adding comments. You'll also be able to read and respond to what other course participants have written.

However, if you'd like the opportunity to engage more fully with other people who are taking or who have taken this course, you can join the ELT in the Digital Age Community on Facebook (click to join). The group is only open to people who have enrolled on this course, and is a place for topical discussions on the themes we explore in the course itself – the digital age, the rise of mobile, ELT publishing, EdTech in ELT, disruptive innovation and AI/automation. We'll be sharing links to additional resources of interest, and we'd love for you to do the same. More importantly, though, we hope that you'll have the chance to make new connections and expand your PLN (Personal Learning Network).

Join the ELT in the Digital Age Community on Facebook now.

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