Digital pedagogy and the '5 lenses'

In this first video, Nick explains what the course covers and introduces the five 'lenses' through which we'll be looking at the topic of digital pedagogy.

Which parts of the course are you most interested in and – importantly – why?

  1. Is there such a thing as ‘digital pedagogy’?
  2. The critical perspective on technology in education
  3. Using the SAMR Model to evaluate the role of technology in teaching and learning
  4. Becoming a Digital Teacher: the Cambridge English Digital Framework for Teachers and how to use it
  5. The SLA angle: what can the research tell us about how to make great digital learning products?
  6. Digital pedagogy as a component of Learner Experience (LX): pedagogy, content, UX and interaction

You can share your thoughts with other course participants in the comments below.

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